2021 International Conference on Ecological Environment Protection and Clean Energy (EEPCE 2021)
Keynote Speaker


Assoc. Prof. Jianhua Qu

Northeast Agricultural University

Dr. Qu, he received his doctor's degree from Harbin Institute of Technology and received one year's joint training in National University of Singapore. At present, he is an associate professor/doctoral supervisor of College of Resources and Environment, Northeast Agricultural University. He has been engaged in environmental pollution remediation research based on soil and water multi-interface and multi-process regulation for a long time. In the past five years, he has presided over 6 national and provincial projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Postdoctoral Foundation, Heilongjiang Innovative Talents Project, Heilongjiang Postdoctoral Foundation, and Heilongjiang Key Teaching Reform Project. He has published more than 40 SCI papers in this field and 20 SCI papers as the first/corresponding author, including 17 papers published in the First field of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 hot topic paper and 3 highly cited SCI papers.

Speech Title: Preparation of biochar-based functionalized materials for remediation of soil and water pollution


Assoc. Prof. Zhaohan zhang

Harbin Institute of Technology

Assoc. Prof. Zhaohan Zhang, he got his Ph.D from Harbin Institute of Technology, Master and Bachelor degree from Harbin Engineering University. He has been working in Harbin Institute of Technology as a Lecture (2011-2019), Associate Professor (2019-) and Doctoral Supervisor(2020-). He is now the deputy director of the Department of Environmental Ecology. He focused on the research on wastewater treatment and energy/resources recovery, Environmental nanotechnology. He has published more than 70 papers, including 50 SCI paper. H index is 18. He also published 2 monographs.

Speech Title: Enhancing bioelectron transfer and methane production with nano-meidators and voltage in anaerobic wastewater treatment systems

Assoc. Prof. Quanqing Yu

Harbin Institute of Technology

Quanqing Yu, Ph.D., associate professor of Harbin Institute of Technology. Dr. Yu is the deputy director of the Intelligent Vehicle Engineering, and a visiting scholar at Wayne State University, and University of Maryland, College Park. Currently serving as a member of the Transportation Electrification Professional Committee of the Power Supply Society, a member of the Youth Working Committee of the China Electrotechnical Society, the Secretary-General of the Advanced Energy Storage Science and Application Group of the Youth Working Committee, and the Secretary-General of the IEEE PES (China) Power Battery Subcommittee. Dr. Yu Mainly engaged in new energy vehicle power battery system management, artificial intelligence technology, health management and fault diagnosis based on edge-cloud big data. Presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Shandong Provincial General Fund, the sub-project of the Army Equipment Department, etc. He has applied for 17 invention patents, published a total of 35 research papers, which were cited more than 1,600 times, of which 19 were included in SCI, and 7 were selected as ESI highly cited papers successively. Won the Best Paper Award of the ICEEE2017 International Conference, the Excellent Paper Award of the 2019 Electrotechnical Society Annual Conference, the 4th High Impact Paper Award of Journal of Mechanical Engineering, the 2020 Outstanding Paper Award of Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, the Best Paper Award of 34th International Electric Vehicle Conference. Served as reviewer for Appl Energy, IEEE Trans. Ind Electron., IEEE Trans. Power Electron. and more than 20 journals. He is also the editor board member of Energies, Mechanical Engineering Science, Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering, and served as guest editor of Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Energy and AI, IET Intelligent Transport Systems, and International Journal of Green Energy, etc.

Speech Title: Fire safety issues and countermeasures for the battery system of new energy vehicles

Assoc. Prof. Alina Steblyanskya

Harbin Engineering University

Alina Steblyanskya is Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China. Her research interests concern complex economics, energy efficiency, environmental economics, sustainable financial growth and green environmental finance. Master degree (honors) in Economics from Moscow State University of Food Production (Russia), MBA (honors) from Kingston University (UK). She received his PhD (honors) from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in China. She has 15 years’ experience at the biggest Russian companies as Financial Director, Head of the Social affairs department, etc. Further, academic research cooperation has been carried out with Central Economics and Mathematica Institute of Russian Academy of Science, Kostroma State University, Ukhta State Technical University and other research institutions. She has published more than 20 academic papers (Russian, English, Chinese) in such journals as “PLOS ONE”, “Energy Strategy Reviews”, “Sustainability”, “Energies”, “Foresight and STI Government”, etc. She is a member of the editorial board of the Moscow State University “BRICS Economic Journal”.

Speech Title: GDP growth under environmental constraints: the case of Russia


Associate Professor YanlingYu

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

Yanling Yu, Ph.D., Associate professor, master supervisor, deputy Director of Department of Energy Chemical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.The main research directions are cellulosic biomass resource utilization, microalgae carbon fixation and denitration (flue gas), nitrogen and phosphorus removal (wastewater), mechanism and process of biochar adsorption and removal of antibiotics and heavy metals, etc., lecturing biomass energy, chemical industry and introduction to new energy, completing 17 scientific research projects and publishing 13 academic papers.

Speech Title: Heat generation and recovery from aerobic fermentation of corn stover