2021 International Conference on Ecological Environment Protection and Clean Energy (EEPCE 2021)
Call for paper

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

(I) Clean Energy∣清洁能源

Stored energy储能
Wind power风电
Hydraulic Energy水能
Wind Energy风能
Geothermal Energy地热能
Solar Energy太阳能
Biological Energy生物能
Hydrogen Energy氢能
Nuclear Energy核能
Tidal Energy潮汐能
Clean Energy清洁能源
Renewable Energy可再生能源

(II) Ecological Environment Protection∣生态环境保护

Environmental Science环境科学
Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering能源与环境系统工程
Ecological Environment Protection生态环境保护
Waste Disposal and Recycling废物处理和回收 
Environmental Rehabilitation Engineering环境修复工程
Comprehensive Utilization of Resources资源综合利用
Clean technology清洁技术
Carbon neutral碳中和
Carbon up to the peak碳达峰
Loop device循环装置
Remaining that collect余温收集
Low carbon technology低碳技术
Renewable Energy Storage Technology可再生能源储存技术
Energy and Environment能源与环境
Energy Efficiency能源效率
Clean Production Process清洁生产过程
Renewable Sources of Energy-energy Savings可再生能源的能量储蓄

(III) Other related topics∣其他相关主题