2021 International Conference on Ecological Environment Protection and Clean Energy (EEPCE 2021)
Call for paper

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

I. New energy technology

Energy saving technology

Energy collection/storage

Offshore wind

Electrochemical storage

Carbon reduction technology

Greenhouse gas treatment

New energy vehicle

Green lighting

Biogas/gas development

Photovoltaic (pv)

Wind power

Compressed air

II. New energy materials

Superconducting material

Solar cell

Hydrogen storage material

Energy storage material

New battery materials

Intelligent materials

Magnetic materials


Flammable ice

Coalbed methane (CBM)

Microbial fermentation

Wave energy

III. Ecological environment protection

Environmental remediation

Carbon neutral

Carbon up to the peak

Remaining that collect

Energy efficiency

Low carbon technology

Waste recycling

Comprehensive utilization of resources

Environmental science

Resource integration

Green lighting

Circulatory system